Paper works take advantage of plant fiber and organic materials, but keep paper’s own substance and nature. The material is worked up in pulp, so the usually plain paper obtains sculptural forms and relief. Lightness of paper and heaviness of stone transcends, when paper becomes a mill wheel.

Member of "Fyns Billedkunstner
since 1997
and member of "Papirmager
forbundet" since 1993

Basic structure of plant fiber evokes interest about coding, characters and script – basics for writing. Script can be as track and imprints on papers, as heightened relief or a play between light and dark strokes.
Acknowledgement about origins and basic structure of fibers… (from process in cells micro cosmos)… are shown as cosmic experiences, planets or globes in works of Cosmos collection. The permanent tendency towards transcendence can be experienced in different ways, by using repetition and serials - the little square in a square (that can be infinite) - or by the reappearing symbols like wheel of life, labyrinth and circle.

Soil and rust
Paper works get their special depth and complexion in a special process with colors of soil. Paper dyes with earth. A special red complexion is obtained with soil from Sardinia (see “Madre Mediterranea”).

Lately Yngve works in a new way with the brownish colors, where paper dyes in a chemical disintegration process with oxidized iron plate. There are used strong, coarse fibers and creation takes place during destruction. While fibers partly break down they take colors in nuances of rust.

fragmental trio

Cosmos suite

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